The health and treatment of the gingival and bone tissue surrounding the teeth is the subject of periodontology.

Inflammation in the gingiva causes loss of gingival and bone tissue over time and causes the tooth, which remains unsupported, to wobble and fall in the long term.

To prevent this, one shall provide conscious brushing and adequate oral care.

Gingivitis becomes apparent for the patient with bleeding in the gums, itching, feeling of tightness between the teeth and bad breath, and it requires treatment.

Gingivitis is treated gradually and in some cases the dentist tries to replace the lost tissue.

There is mild bleeding and limited gingival recession at the initial level and can be easily resolved by removing plaque with tartar cleaning.

There is moderately frequent bleeding, visible recession in the gums, and a slight wobble in the tooth. It can be treated with a deep curettage (scraping).

At the advanced level, there is bleeding of the gums without touching, gum recession until the tooth root can be seen, and a severe wobble in the tooth. It requires surgical intervention. Mostly, the conditions leading to the extraction are seen.