Today, cosmetic dentistry applications are highly preferred for a beautiful smile. Most of the treatments are easy to apply and solution oriented.

Teeth whitening is a suitable method for people who do not have a problem in terms of form or placement in their teeth and are not satisfied with their tooth color.

There are two methods of application.

Office Bleaching:
It is done by applying a special whitening gel on the teeth in the dental clinic.
The gel is activated by irradiating the treated area for a while.
At the end of the process, 1.5 -2 tons of lightening is seen.

Home Bleaching:
It is the method that the patient applies by herself at home.
Patient-specific plaques are prepared with the help of measurements taken from the patient beforehand.
The patient wears these plates at home for at least 6 hours a day by applying the whitening gel inside.
The process is terminated at the end of 10-15 days at the most. 1-2 tons of lightening is observed.
After the bleaching procedures, the patient is advised to stay away from colorants (tea, coffee, cigarettes, purple and red colored drinks) for two weeks.
For sensitivity that may occur after bleaching, desensitizing pastes and mouthwashes are recommended.