Leaf Porcelain (Laminates)

Leaf Porcelain (Laminates)

The aesthetic expectations of our age are increasing day by day, and accordingly, new methods are being discovered in order to get the best results with the least intervention.

It is an easy-to-apply and satisfactory application that emerged as a result of this need in leaf porcelain or laminates.

It is a small amount of abrasion (between 0.5 and 1 mm) made from the front surface of the tooth and coatings made on them in approximately the thickness of the nails, especially in fixing the shape, color and position disorders that cannot be corrected with simple interventions on the laughing line.

Laminate veneers can be various according to the materials used. They can be made using Porcelain or Glass Ceramics (Emax, Empress) as material.

According to the application method, there are varieties made without any abrasion (no-prep laminates) or with minimum abrasion.

It is a fast and practical application as it can be completed in two sessions.

Porcelain or glass ceramic laminates give us aesthetics and a very beautiful smile in the treatment of gummy smiles, diastema (gap between the teeth), discoloration caused by bad fillings, color changes that may occur as a result of root canal treatment, structural discoloration and deformities, and in crowding that is too small for orthodontics.